Monday, June 01, 2009

A Loose Use of the Term 'Celebrity'

For some reason, I tuned into I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.  (What else am I going to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights?)  

Personally, I hate The Hills with a passion and I especially hate Heidi and Spencer.  I'm tired of having my celebrity gossip magazines filled with pictures of the fake, ridiculous activities of Heidi and Spencer.  I don't buy US Weekly to read about them.  I want important news about Jon Gosselin's $5 allowance and Octo-Mom's shady stripper past.  

Now, this lame duo is sucking up time on my television.  To be honest, they're even more annoying than I thought they would be.   All of Heidi's 'I can't not have sex with you for this long,'  and Spencer's complete and utter rudeness.  Although, when Heidi said that she'd never had something so nasty in her mouth before (she was speaking of scorpions), I guffawed.  I mean, really -- what an easy shot!

And seriously, if I have to hear them pray every five minutes, I'm going to slit my wrists.  I detest pseudo Christianity.  They're about the least God-like people on earth.  And I don't think God cares two figs whether Heidi eats a rat tail (and not the kind that used to hang from Jordan Knight's head).  I think God has more important things to think about.

I can't believe Lou Diamond Philips is on this show.  Now there's a true celebrity!  And I love the former NBA player guy.  He's vegan and sucked down the rat tail like it was a big slab of tofurkey.  I also think Frangelina is (are?) hilarious.  I've heard them on VH1 and the radio and they crack me up every time.

We'll see how long I keep watching this show, but for now I'm mildly entertained!  Althought I don't particularly feel like watching it again tonight.  That's a lot of D-list!

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