Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been doing some very important stuff!

  • Catching Up on My Reading - Have you ever noticed when you're wait listed for books at the library, they all come in at the same time? Plus, mine are usually 14-day reads, which means I have to finish them at a crazy-fast pace. Here's what I've finished recently (if you think this seems like a lot, it's over a two week period and most of these books are super short. Plus, I multi-task!):
-Undead & Unwelcome by Mary Janice Davidson: This is Book 8 in the Queen Betsy books. These books took a nasty turn in Book 7 and they didn't improve much in Book 8. Sadly, I keep reading them because I want to know what happens.

- Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich: This is Book 15 in the Stephanie Plum books. Yes, they're formulaic, but I love them anyway. This book had lots of LuLu, which is always fun. Team Morelli, all the way!

- Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: This is Book 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy. If you haven't read The Hunger Games, read it right away. It's AMAZING. It's a young adult book set in a post apocalyptic society. Some of the districts (states) rebelled against the capitol and now have to participate in the worst reality game ever. Two children from each district compete for their lives. Last one standing wins the games and wins extra food for their entire district for a year. Food is hard to come by so it means a great deal. I couldn't put down the first book and I couldn't put down the second one either.

- The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: I just started this book and love it already! Drat Dan Brown's super-short chapters and cliffhanger chapter endings. This book is about the Mason. I've always wanted to be a Mason, mainly because I'm nosy and I want to know what they do. Sadly, I can never be a Mason because I'm a lady. That means I'd have to join the Order of the Eastern Star, which seems like a less exciting version of the Masons. Well, maybe I'll join anyway to see what they're all about.


I've also become addicted to Harvest Moon Island of Happiness, a Nintendo DS game I bought myself for my birthday. It's sad - some gals buy themselves shoes and perfume. I buy video games. It's so much fun though. I've been stranded on an island and I have to farm potatoes, turnips, corn and tomatoes. I have chickens that lay eggs. I fish. It's good times! In fact, I won the turnip competition. The only downer is I have to eventually marry one of the islander fellows and have an islander baby. The pickings seem to be pretty slim!

Catching Up on TV

I've been devouring Heroes and Supernatural episodes in hope that I'll eventually be able to watch this season's episodes. I made an executive decision yesterday to watch those shows on DVD instead. There's too much good stuff on right now!

I've been checking out some of the previews:

  • The Good Wife - loved this show!
  • Modern Family - it made me laugh so hard
  • Glee - definitely made me chuckle
  • Community - this was fun to watch too
  • Melrose Place - need I say more
  • Cougar Town - I just wasn't that excited about. Plus, I think Courtney Cox looks exactly like Janice Davidson and it freaks me out. And she looks like she's had botched plastic surgery. Plus, the first five minutes was her pointing out "fat" parts on her body. It made me want to barf.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles - I was excited about this because LL Cool J was on it. It just didn't leave me wanting to watch more.

Wait for DVD
  • Vampire Diaries - I really liked but it's up against stuff I like more.
  • The Beautiful Life - It isn't something I want to watch weekly, but I'd be interested in seeing where it goes.

Hanging With The Peeps

  • Last Saturday, Simon, Kelly and I went to the Renaissance Festival. It was Pirate Weekend. We ate some beef stew and turkey legs and wandered around watching the jousts and the other entertainment. It was fun to see all the costumes. People take this thing very seriously. We also watched the Mayweather-Marquez boxing match. Mayweather is a good boxer, but a complete dick.

  • On Sunday, I went apple-picking with Kelly, Stephanie, Herb, Angela and Vicki. Jonathan apples = bad. Cortland = good. Honey Crisp = best. Afterward, Simon and I went to see the movie 9. It was pretty good- short, but we liked it.

People always wonder how I have time to do all this stuff. I seriously multi-task. I'm using reading or playing my DS when I watch TV. I read when I dry my hair. It's good times.

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nerdshoveler said...

I agree with you about Dan Brown's short cliffhanger chapters. I usually have to stop in the middle of the chapter. (I get really into his books and don't want to stop. But if I don't stop, my legs go numb.)