Monday, September 07, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Bowl If Want To

On Friday, I concluded my week of birthday celebrations with dinner at Benihana and bowling at the Columbus Palace.

I love Benihana because it's a show AND dinner. We went with Kelly, Vicki, Herb, Angela and Jen so had plenty of people to fill the table. That meant we didn't get stuck sitting with any random weirdos.

I enjoyed watching the chef throw a bunch of sharp knives around. Plus, he turned the onions into a volcano and shaped the rice into a heart. Good times!

For drinks, I had sake sangria
and something blue that also had sake in it. I got steak and
chicken with the fried rice upgrade. It was yummy - but too much food! Simon got the tuna steak and that was quite tasty as well.

The prices definitely make it a special occasion restaurant, but you get soup, salad, vegetables AND
green tea along with your meal.

After the meal was over, the waiters came by to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Normally, I'm embarrassed by that sort of thing. Apparently after two strong drinks, I end up singing along.

After dinner, we went bowling at the Columbus Palace. Simon hasn't bowled in high school (so he said -tee hee) but he somehow managed a 183. I squeaked out a 38 in one of my games - they don't give those scores to just anyone!

I got some really fun gifts as well. Simon got me a blu-ray player so I can watch fancy stuff on my tv. My friends got me some wine glasses (because I've managed to break all of mine), a zebra print snuggie and some adorable halloween lights.

I'm lucky to have such amazing people to celebrate my birthday with. Getting older is no fun if you do it all by yourself!

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