Friday, October 09, 2009

Why Is There a Debate About Health Care?

I've decided people who don't support health care reform are mean.

Case in of my Facebook "friends" (and by friend, I mean someone I went to junior high with and talked to twice in high school) posted a status update that said:
Saw a bumper sticker today that read" Your FAIR SHAKE is not in my wallet". Obviously referring to our current president and his ideals . I walked by him and told him I appreciated his bumper sticker. I thought to myself the money we have ( and there's not alot) is because of my husband, not anyone else. Ok, I will get off my soapbox now!! Hope everyone is doing well today! :)
This is a person who posts something about God or the Bible or Jesus or her church EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yet, she doesn't think the government should help out fellow Americans who are having a tough time? She's also posted on numerous occasions how bad of an idea health care is. Personally, I think Jesus would be pro-health care. He's also pro-helping out the poor. In fact, I'm pretty sure Jesus would be a Democrat.

I understand the whole "I don't want to pay for it" rationale, really I do. But if you don't want to chip in, I think YOU should be the one to tell a young woman that she's going to have to die because she can't afford her breast cancer treatment or a family that they're going to have to lose their home because their youngest child had the misfortune of having a heart condition.

Do I think the President's plan is perfect? No...but it's a start. At least he recognizes there's a problem and has ideas on how to fix it. I think health care reform is something we have to do in baby steps.

I'm lucky enough to have good health insurance but not everyone is as lucky. Personally, I don't see where I should begrudge someone else from having what I have. Who am I to put a price tag on their lives? You shouldn't have to die just because you don't have money for treatment or a job that provides health care. I've seen my insurance reports - if I didn't have health insurance, I wouldn't even be able to afford to treat the sniffles let alone something more serious.

If you're lucky enough to afford treatment and have good insurance, count your blessings and be thankful, but don't deny someone else that same opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not mean, I'm just cheap LOL