Monday, November 30, 2009

California Trip: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday: Trip to the Mouse House

On Tuesday, we made a spontaneous decision to go to Disneyland. Simon's mom and grandma had season passes. We decided to try to use his sister and brother-in-law's season passes because "no one ever ask for ID."

We made it to Disneyland. Simon went through the line first. I thought he was in until the ticket taker looked at her screen and said "That's not you! You have to buy a ticket." Then she confiscated the season pass and booted him out. Apparently the reason no one ever asks for ID is because a big giant screen pops up with a picture of the person who owns the season pass. (I think our downfall was choosing an older lady as our ticket taker. Had we picked a gum-chomping teenager, it would have gone well.)

After seeing Simon fail miserably, I decided not to even make an attempt. We paid for our own tickets.

Disneyland was cool, although I was surprised at how many rides were the same as the rides in Disneyworld. For some reason I thought they'd be different. But, I love Disneyworld, so I'm definitely not complaining. We went on Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones (AWESOME!), the Finding Nemo Submarines, Star Tours and It's a Small World.

Everything was Christmas-themed - it was so pretty! The Haunted Mansion had a "Nightmare Before Christmas" them and the It's a Small World ride was holiday themed as well.

We had to skip out fairly early so we could make it to Simon's nephew's 6th birthday. It was Sponge Bob themed. I had no idea Sponge Bob was so popular! The cutest thing was when we were done with the cake - Sponge Bob's head was gone. Simon's 2 1/2 year old nephew says "I'm sorry we eated you, Sponge Bob."

Wednesday: The Baptism

On Wednesday, Simon's youngest nephew was getting baptized. Since it was a Catholic baptism, Simon and I had to put on fancy clothes. Simon was the godfather and I was the video taker.
The baptism was a lot more involved than others I've seen - there was oil rubbing and water splashing and candle lighting. Plus, the godparents played an integral role in holding the baby and lighting the candles.

Again, I'm not Catholic.

After the baptism, we all headed to Buca di Beppo for a celebratory lunch. I was seated next to the Monsignor, which apparently is a more senior priest. I especially enjoyed it when he and Simon's brother-in-law's parents started discussing how they thought it was terrific that Ted Kennedy's son was being asked not to take communion because he disagreed with the way the Catholic Church was trying to bully Congress into having strict abortion restrictions in healthcare reform. Luckily no one asked me how I felt, so I didn't have to tell them. I can't lie worth crap, so it would have all come out.

At night, Simon and I went to a fancy LA entertainment complex to see New Moon. The movie was better than the first one. We thought it was really funny - I'm not sure if it was supposed to be. The best part of the movie was that all the women whistled and screamed every time Jacob took his shirt off. It was a little creepy, seeing how Taylor Lautner was underage when the movie was filmed. Still, he really beefed himself up for this movie! He certainly looked way better than pasty Rob Pattinson!

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