Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Beefs

I'm frantically getting ready for my trip to San Pedro, CA with Simon. (I'm meeting the family for the first time - yikes! I hope they like me!)

Even though I have lots to do, there's always time to complain about annoying crap. Actually, there's probably more than enough time seeing as how running around like a crazy woman makes me cranky!

Here are today's top three beefs:

  1. Phone Solicitations: If you call and ask me to make a donation over the phone, I will tell you I do not give money over the phone but would be more than happy to look at a website or any literature that you mail me. It's nothing personal...I just don't trust random people who call me on the phone asking for money.

    Arguing with me is not going to make me any more likely to give you money, no matter how much I support your cause. In fact, arguing with me makes me LESS likely to support you. Just say "Thank you! I'll get information in the mail as soon as possible."

  2. Snotty Caribou Coffee Employees: I got to the bank a few minutes before it opened this morning so I decided to walk over to Caribou Coffee to get a caffeine boost. One of their posters advertised a Dark Chocolate Latte. I like dark chocolate. I like lattes. Sounds good to me!

    I asked the barista for a Dark Chocolate Latte with skim milk. She looked startled and said "Do you mean a Dark Chocolate Mocha? There's no such thing as a Dark Chocolate Latte." I said, "Well, your sign says latte." She says "Mochas and lattes are the same thing, one has chocolate. I'll ring you up for a Dark Chocolate Mocha." I pointed at the sign and said "OK - but your sign says latte, just to let you know." I swear she rolled her eyes at me.

    I wasn't trying to be a snot, but if Dark Chocolate Lattes don't exist, maybe they shouldn't appear on one of the advertisements. When I got my coffee, she said "Here's your Dark Chocolate Mocha" and I wanted to dump it on her head.

  3. The Fact That There Is a Health Care Debate -- If it were your family or your friends, you would want them to be able to get treated for medical conditions without being afraid of going bankrupt or losing their homes or deciding to die because treatment was too expensive. Yet, if it's a perfect stranger, it seems like people are more concerned about their pocketbooks.

    No one in this country should be unable to afford medical treatment. Period. Maybe this new health bill isn't perfect, but it's a start. At least President Obama and the Democrats are TRYING. All Republicans do is complain without offering any alternative ideas.

    And the whole abortion issue...seriously? That's what people are going to focus on. If I want to use my own personal money to have a LEGAL medical procedure done, that's MY business. It doesn't matter if I'm getting my insurance through the government. It's MY money, MY body, MY business, MY choice, MY decision to make with my doctor. It's none of YOUR beeswax. You're not paying for it. It doesn't affect you in any way, shape or form. Why do you even care?
And that's it for today's beefs! If I feel more pleasant later, I'll post something else!

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