Thursday, November 19, 2009

RIP - My Butt

I didn't realize I had quite so many muscles in my arse. I only know this because every single one of them hurts right now.

Now that my work is a little less crazy, I actually have time to exercise. This week I did Urban Iron, a barbell-lifting weight training class, and Jazzercise.

I spent yesterday hobbling around like a 90-year-old woman. Everything hurt. What's sad is I STILL really wanted to go to Jazzercise last night. I think it might be an addiction - although a way better addiction than cookies or sex or illegal drugs.

I talked myself into taking the night off because Simon and I are leaving for California on Saturday. I have lots and lots of packing and cleaning to do.

Speaking of addiction, I've been watching that Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew show on either VH1 or MTV. (I can't tell the difference anymore!_ What's sad is I'm always fascinated by the craziest person on those shows. In this case, it's former Miss Teen USA Keri Ann P.

Miss Keri Ann refuses to get out of bed until someone brings her a juice. She wrote a nasty letter to a fellow rehabber. She claimed it was "an apology" and was upset when the rehabber didn't accept it. It said stuff like "I'm sorry you're so jealous of me" and "I don't get up in the mornings thinking of ways to upset you - you're not worth thinking about at all." She was getting a psych evaluation at one point and just got up in the middle, saying "I don't feel doing this anymore." It's AWESOME!

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