Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Thought We Were Done With Her

I really had all I could possibly take of Sarah Palin back in 2008. Every hateful word she said, every lie she told grated on my last nerves. I stayed up at night fretting that she would be the VP and that some random twist of fate would actually make her president.

Now she's on a book tour and meeting with Oprah. It's too much for me. Just listening to her voice makes me want to jump out my window. That folksy tone... "You Betcha!" "Ricky Hollywood" ... it's really more than I can possibly stand.

I hate when she complains that photos taken of her were sexist. There's an easy fix...don't pose for them. You don't see Hillary Clinton standing around in a pair of hoochie mama shorts.

I hate that she claims she was told Katie Couric had low self esteem and they were supposed to be "two working girls having a chat" in the interview. Really? You thought an interview with a major network news anchor when you're an unknown candidate running for vice president was going to be "two working girls having a chat"? You were a JOURNALISM major (even though it pieced together from several universities.) Even I would know better than that and I was a PR major. Ugh.

I was watching Keith Olbermann last night. My favorite was when he'd air Sarah saying one thing -- like she had a family vote when choosing whether to accept the VP offer -- and then telling someone else she DIDN'T have a family vote. Who cares? It's not even something worth lying about. But, this woman who has an incredibly high disregard for the truth.

Here's the Keith Olbermann clip - be's AWESOME!:

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