Thursday, January 07, 2010

"She Didn't Come Here for Birth Control"

Last night, I got to hang out with my dear friend Amy, her two adorable children (Evie, age 3, and Frankie, age 4 months) and her two beagles. I don't have nearly as much entertainment at my apartment so I was thrilled for the opportunity! My cats are never very interested in picking out cute outfits or having me read books about Disney princesses to them.

I got to help with all the mommy stuff like book reading, dinner feeding, bath preparing and bedtime putting.

As Evie was getting ready for her bath, she started getting a little testy. Amy looked at her and delivered the best line ever:
"Laurie didn't come here for birth control. She came here to hang out with us."
While Evie was getting her bath, I got to hold Frankie. He had a few spit up moments earlier in the evening, but I thought I was safe because he was dressed like a chili pepper. How could anyone spit up when they're dressed like a chili pepper? Five seconds after I thought that, I felt something warm on my hand. It was covered in baby barf.

Oh well -- at least he didn't pee on me. I think that would be worse.

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