Friday, February 19, 2010

No Style

I'm now registered with every single wedding-related website on earth. Last night, I even dreamed about excel spreadsheets and reception dinner expenses. If you put a quarter in my mouth, I'll start talking about flowers and photography and alcohol options. I've become VERY boring. Not Bridezilla. Just boring. I'm hoping I'll be less boring once I nail down a church, reception site and date/time.

This morning, I got an e-mail from David's Bridal inviting me to take the "What's Your Bridal Style?" quiz. My Bridal Style score was ZERO! I apparently have no style. The quiz gave me some blather about being a naturalist and eco-friendly, blah, blah, blah. But, still ...ZERO?!?

Couldn't they have made up a more flattering score like 5 or 23? It could mean the same thing. It would be similar to women's clothing stores that vanity size. So instead of being a size 8, they tell you you're a 4. (Not that I'm an 8 or a 4 right now, or ever, but you get the point!)

I went to my girlie doc yesterday and it was fun how excited everyone got about my ring and wedding planning book! My doctor got married a few years ago and she did the whole engaged in February, married in October thing we're trying for. As she was examining me, she was giving me tips on dresses and cakes. Very helpful, but could I please be wearing clothes for this conversation?

It was definitely a nice change, however. Last year, we talked about appropriate responses to relatives who suggested my innards were turning to dust. This year, she wanted to talk family planning. Yikes! One step at a time :)

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