Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yay to a Smaller Me!

My greatest fear is waddling down the aisle with my arms bulging over the sides of my dress. That means I'm hitting Weight Watchers AND the gym extra hard for the next seven months!

I went to Weight Watchers this morning. I haven't been in two weeks -- one week the class was canceled because of the snow. I forget why I didn't go last weekend -- probably laziness! Oh I remember. I had Papa John's pizza and cheesesticks PLUS wine the night before I was supposed to weigh in.

I had no expectations this morning. I hurt my calf a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't been able to do much exercise. Plus, I ate out a lot last week. On Friday, I ate out for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. (When I say ate out, I mean my work cafeteria for breakfast and lunch and Panera for dinner -- not exactly 4-star restaurants!)

My expectations were so low, I even wore jeans. I still managed to lose .4 lbs. That's not the best weight loss ever, but considering that jeans are pretty heavy and I had recently eaten like crap, that isn't too shabby! Yay me!

After weighing in, checking out a reception place with Simon and eating Burger King for lunch (yikes!), I went to the gym with Kelly for a personal training session. I told our personal trainer that I didn't want to be able to turn my steering wheel afterward. She definitely delivered! I hope I can barely hold a pen tomorrow.

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