Monday, February 22, 2010

You Never Know

On Saturday, I was running to the grocery store for a couple of things when I ran into my neighbor. She said "Oh - you missed all the excitement." I said, "What excitement?"

Apparently, my neighbor across the hall got in a huge spat with his girlfriend. Cops were called. He was taken out in cuffs. I think he might have been arrested because when I went to the grocery store, there was one police car in the lot. When I came back, there were two right in front of my building and a policeman was walking down the stairs with the across-the-hall neighbor's sister, saying "We'll keep her informed about what's going on."

Simon and I have heard them fight before - it was pretty nasty.

I can't believe we missed all that drama. We were super tired and decided to take a brief nap, which stretched into a two-hour nap.

I'm VERY glad to be moving, however. There's nothing worse than hearing a couple fight. Especially a couple that has an adorable two or three year old boy.

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