Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Random Ramblings

  • My new way of life is going well! I'm still exercising 3 to 4 times a week and I'm paying attention to what I eat. I maintained last week, BUT I ate dinner at 1 a.m. the morning of my weigh-in. And I did not make a good maintaining was a bonus!

  • This month, I'm focusing on meal planning AND on making sure I get an actual vegetable or fruit at each of my meals. I'm doing theme days -- choosing quick picks on my exercise days. Mondays = Burgers/Sandwiches, Tuesdays = Salad/Stir-Fry, Wednesdays = Breakfast for Dinner, Thursdays = Vegetarian/Pasta, Fridays = Pizza and Saturday/Sunday =Anything Goes. I've only been doing it two days -- and I already messed up yesterday. But I'll try to get back on track today!

  • As I got ready for my shower, I noticed my stomach looked a little less jiggly! Yippee!

I'm definitely still feeling the winter blahs BUT the good news is there's great TV on to keep me entertained!

  • Lost is back -- and last night's premiere was amazing. I think the Alternate Reality line actually showed that they were better off crashing on the island. As rough as it was, they became better people.

  • 24 is good again this season. I'm still not sure about Freddie Prinze Jr, but I heart Starbuck. If I were a lesbian...

  • Caprica -- Yay! A prequel to Battlestar...I'm loving the whole story of how the Cylons came about. And 'frak' has become part of my everyday vocabulary!
  • Frank the Entertainer's Dating Show -- I love me some bad VH1 reality TV. And, my girl Annie's still in there!

  • Jenny Sanford (wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who cheated with a woman from Argentina) said that Mark refused to include a promise to be faithful in his wedding vows. Um...that was red flag #1.
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- It looks like this hateful policy is FINALLY going to be repealed. I don't understand the big deal of letting gay men in the military. It's not like they're going to be grabbing other guys' butts on the battlefield. They are U.S. citizens and should have every right to serve our country. There's enough deviant heterosexual behavior out there to worry about -- just talk to all those poor women who have been raped. I can't believe that John McCain is saying that getting rid of this law is a huge mistake. I seem to recall him agreeing at one point that it should be repealed. Oh wait...that was reasonable McCain, not sour, bitter McCain

I still heart President Obama -- especially after watching his Q&A with Republicans. However, I have concerns about how he can be successful with Republicans acting like giant babies. I just read a horrifying article that stated:

  • 39 % of Republicans think Obama should be impeached (for what?!?)

  • 63% of Republicans think Obama is a Socialist (do they even know what socialism is? He is NOT a socialist.)

  • 36 % of Republicans think Obama is not a U.S. Citizen AND 24% aren't sure. (Complete BS -- and it doesn't help that some lame Republican congressmen are feeding those flames.)
All I can say is I'm proud to be a Democrat!


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