Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild America

I'm still moving. Ugh. I have so much stuff in my closets that I feel like a hoarder. Of course, if I were a hoarder, I wouldn't be throwing out anything at all. I've thrown out bagfuls of stuff.

Poor Simon got to witness multiple melt-downs as I tried to figure out what the heck to do with all my crap.
I had one such meltdown while cleaning out my cleaning supplies under my kitchen sink.

There were 10 acorns under my sink, carefully placed among my cleaning supplies. Gross!
Apparently one of my squirrel friends had been preparing quite the buffet for winter.

In Other Forest News

One thing I DON'T miss about my apartment is the giant pond that is created from melting snow in the woods behind the building. It is a haven for duck and goose orgies.

Yesterday, I watched four male ducks stalk one lowly lady duck. In fact, some of the male ducks (drakes, I think they're called) got sick of waiting for the lady to pick one and started going after each other. I've never heard such carrying on!

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