Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speaking of Middle Fingers....

On Saturday, Simon and I bought a washer and dryer. It was our first major purchase as a couple - so very exciting!

As we were finishing up (and telling the sale dude for the fifth time that we really, truly, were not interested in the warranty), I overheard a nearby conversation between a couple and another sales dude.

The couple wanted to mull over their purchase and come back later. The woman asked what she should do if the sales dude was busy when they came back. She said, "Should I give you the finger if I want to buy it?"

The sales dude looked taken aback. "I don't think you need to give me the finger. How about a nice thumbs up or something?"

I almost snorted out loud! Although sadly, the woman was only a few years older than me and my mom and grandmother are both prone to malapropism, so I'm sure I will be the source of someone else's snorts in a few years!

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