Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Curses - Still No Washer and Dryer!

Well, our washer and dryer were delivered on Monday. The washer was installed, but the stupidhead Sears salesman ordered the wrong stacking kit so the dryer is sitting in our garage along with the contents of my apartment. I think it was a punishment since we didn't get the warranty.

Poor Simon had to run to Sears yesterday to return the wrong stacking kit and order the correct one. Now he has to leave work early again on Wednesday, which is when the new stacking kit will arrive, along with delivery men to install the dryer. Thank goodness Simon can leave work to deal with these little emergencies! I would have had to schedule this day months in advance and if I DID request time off at the last minute, it would not be pretty.

To top things off, I am not sure I will have enough clothes to last until Wednesday. Or underwear. This makes me unhappy, as wearing barrels with straps is not fashionable. Also, the only garbage bags I have are white, and you can't wear white until after Memorial Day.

I guess I could technically wash my clothes, but I'm not sure how long they would remain sopping wet. I'm guessing for awhile.

I realize everyone makes mistakes, but this mistake is costing us time and turn the process of buying a washer and dryer into a lengthy pain in the patoot. Plus, we like to wear clothes to work. And at home. I know that some people like to run around naked all the time...I don't understand those people. Naked isn't flattering for most people. Maybe after I lose 20 lbs...

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