Saturday, May 08, 2010

J-Lo is Pretty

I went with Vicki last weekend to see The Back-Up Plan starring Ms. Jennifer Lopez. I'm not really much into the chick movies in general, but I thought this one was adorable. The plot was predictable and overly cutesy. There were some childbirth scenes that made me feel a little queasy. Still, at the end of the day, it's about two pretty people falling in love and starting a family (although in a slightly more unconventional way than most people.)

Let's talk about the prettiness. First of all, Jennifer Lopez is stunning. The whole movie I kept wishing I had her hair and her skin tone and her butt. Mostly her skin tone. I am so sick of looking like an albino.

Second of all, Alex O'Loughlin is HOT. (Not as hot as you, Simon. But for ladies who don't have a Simon, Alex O'Loughlin runs a close second so I'm posting this for their benefit.) This is the first time I've seen him as a leading man. I thought he was attractive enough in the television series Moonlight. In this movie, he wasn't wearing a shirt for a good portion of the movie. He actually should never wear a shirt.

Here is a picture:

Yep. No shirt. Ever.

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