Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Old Switcheroo

Yesterday, I went to the dentist for a filling.

In case you were unaware, I absolutely HATE fillings. I hate the ice-cold sound of the drill, the foul-tasting numbing crap slathered on my gums, the lame soft rock piping over the speakers. I sit in the chair with every muscle tensed, waiting for the drill to hit a nerve. That's happened to me before - yowza!

Luckily, I was numbed to the extreme yesterday - in fact even my right nostril and the area around my right eyeball were numb!

Of course, it's me so something odd has to happen. When I came in, I met the female hygienist and male dentist. To my knowledge, the dentist started the procedure. I usually keep my eyes closed because it's awkward to be staring at the dentist the whole time and I can pretend I'm at a very noisy spa.

When I opened my eyes halfway through the filling, a random woman was drilling my teeth! It wasn't the hygienist but she was dressed like a hygienist (are hygienists allowed to drill because if they can, what's the point of dentists?)

I have absolutely no idea what happened to the dentist or the original hygienist. I never saw them again. Were they kidnapped by aliens? Did the dentist get bored half-way through? Did he need a bathroom break or want a bite of his sandwich? Was it possible he was a woman all along and I didn't notice? Is this a side effect of the numbing shot?

Whoever the woman was, she wasn't the best dental peep I've ever encountered. She kept accidentally spraying water on my face and spilling stuff on me. (Helpful with the spa fantasy, not so much with the teeth part.) Actually, the woman was me in a hygienist/dentist/dental assistant form!

When I was finished with my filling, I wanted to stand up and say "Who the heck are you?" But I didn't.

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