Monday, May 17, 2010

Poop Watch 2010

My cat Zoe has been obsessed with a certain orange mouse toy. She carries it to the top of the stairs, then flings it downstairs, chasing after it. She's been running that mouse up and down the stairs for days. My favorite part is when she pounces on it - her body flings into the air. I actually haven't minded the shenanigans as she is on the obese side so I figure it's good exercise! They do stairs on The Biggest Loser!

Last night, I noticed her doing something weird with the toy. By the time I got over to it, she had stopped. I picked up the toy and noticed that the cloth tail was missing. I'm pretty sure she ate it.

Sadly, I've been to this rodeo before. I usually cut the tails off her toys, but this one seemed sturdier than the others. I guess I was wrong.

Last time this happened, the vet said to just keep an eye on her. It would probably pass but to watch for signs of an obstruction. So I need to make sure she goes to the bathroom, drinks water, eats and doesn't act lethargic. Oh and vomiting is bad...

I just hope everything is OK -- Zoe is quite possibly the sweetest cat who has ever existed.

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