Thursday, May 20, 2010

Semi-Clean Eating Rocks!

I'm definitely enamored with my attempts at clean eating. I've become even more of a nutritional label fiend. The product with the fewest and most pronounceable ingredients wins!

I've discovered a few new food favorites:

  • Ezekial bread (Sprouted grain bread) -- I'm not sure what sprouted grains are, but this bread is yummy! It has a great wholesome taste and is very filling. Plus it's tasty when slathered with natural peanut butter and fruit spread. (What isn't?)

  • Plain Greek Yogurt -- Oh so creamy and delicious. I've been eating it with berries and kashi cereal. I swear I want to lick the bowl after I'm done. Normally, I eat the fat-free. I picked up the more fattening kind at the grocery store by mistake. Oh. My. Gracious. It's that good!

  • Hummus -- I found a natural Hummus at the grocery store. It only has tahini, some sort of oil and chickpeas. I've been eating it with carrots and celery - and I definitely want to lick the bowl after I'm done. I never realized how much I love hummus!
It's funny -- I can tell when I eat 'dirty' foods. I had a can of light soup for lunch and immediately craved junk food.

I definitely feel better -- more nourished and energized when I follow these eating rules. I'm far from perfect, but feeling better is a start!

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