Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Latest Obsession

I have officially dumped Sims 3: Ambitions for my latest obsession, a book by Danielle Trussoni called Angelology. Simon will be pleased. With Sims 3, I would say "I'm going to play this game for 15 minutes." An hour later, I'd still be playing. What can I say? I'm a nerdy girl who loves computer games.

I'm about a third of the way into the book and completely fascinated by it. I wish I could pause the world for a couple of hours so I could read without being bothered by things like work, sleep, exercise, food and a social life. This book is the perfect non-trashy summer book - fast-paced, adventurous, an escape. It's being compared to The DaVinci Code. I don't really think it's that similar. It's certainly way better than the series of knock-off DaVinci Codes that came out afterward. (I'm talking to you - Kate Mosse's Labyrinth.)

This book has nuns, secret societies and Nephilim. In this book, Nephilim are the children of humans and angels. Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis in The Bible, but I think they're just randomly mentioned without any description.

Are Angels the New Vampires?

I've noticed a lot of movies and books about scary angels lately. I wonder if scary angels are the next big thing. It would make sense. Aren't angels the opposite of vampires? Beings of the light vs. beings of the night. Although the angels in these books/movies aren't exactly warm and fuzzy. They carry bazookas!

It's about time something new popped on the scene. I'm about vampired out. People just keep throwing vampires into random books, hoping they'll become the next Twilight. Although, if you're looking for the next Twilight, I highly recommend Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series. I've also been enjoying Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series - it starts with Moon Called.

If you get a chance, check out Angelology- I think you'll like it. (And if the last two-thirds of the book happen to suck, I'll let you know!)

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