Sunday, June 06, 2010

Close Encounters of a Golfing Kind

Simon and I went to the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin today! I was surprised at how much fun it was. Here are the highlights:

  • Almost got hit in the head by Steve Marino's ball. He ended up hitting it over the rope(right next to us) and had to hit it from a giant mud pit (we were standing in the mud pit.) We were only a few feet from him!

  • Saw a guy get nailed with Tiger Woods' ball. The guy was seven people away from us.

  • Saw Vijay Singh eat an apple, put it down on the ground, take a shot, and pick up the apple again to finish eating it.

  • Saw Bubba Watson pull a sandwich from his golf bag. He had it in a plastic baggie like my mom used to give me for lunch.

  • Saw Rickie Fowler in his head-to-toe orange golfing outfit. He's a bit of a hottie ...I must confess, I have a bit of an age-inappropriate crush. However, I correctly predicted he would choke. He's 21 years old and had 12 television cameras following him

  • Carl Pettersson's caddy looked at Simon's watch on his arm and said: "1:35, is that accurate?" Simon was all excited that he helped a caddy!

  • Had to move back so Phil Mickelson could shoot a crazy shot over our heads.

  • Saw Bubba Watson throw a club.

  • Saw Geoff Ogilvy throw a club.

  • When we were watching the 16 hole, we saw Phil Mickelson walking up a hill right behind us. He was playing the 15 hole, so we just thought he was going to the bathroom. Instead, he stopped at the edge of the woods --he hit his ball into the woods and was taking a shot right outside the woods. As we watched him get ready to hit, I said "Crap, he's going to hit that ball right at us." We ducked and it went flying over our heads, onto the 16th hole fairway. Afterward, he hit the ball from the 16th hole fairway onto the 15th hole green. It was a complete mess, but awesome to watch.

  • Accidentally walked behind Tiger Woods' press conference.
All in all, lots of fun golf sightings and near death experiences. Simon was in heaven!

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