Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Can't I Think Up Quick Comebacks?

Yesterday, I went shopping at the outlet malls with my friend Vicki. We were in the Jockey store so Vicki could find a bra to go with her bridesmaid dress. She was trying on the bra and opened the fitting room door to ask the saleslady a question.

I assumed she was just wearing the bra. I've done that before at Victoria's Secret to ask a question about fit.

A bratty little red-headed boy was in the store, running around and bugging the saleslady. His mom was busy looking at the sports bras that give you a uni-boob. Separate cups, my friend. Separate cups.

The little boy grabbed Vicki's fitting room door and started peering in. I didn't want him to see her in her bra, so I put my arm in between him and the door and said, "No, no" in that singsong voice used with children and animals. Luckily, she had her clothes on.

His mom glared at me with a stony gaze and said "Please don't put your hands on my child."

I was appalled and a little embarrassed and said," Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't want him in my friend's dressing room."

Later on, I wondered why I had apologized. I barely touched him. What I should have said was, "Maybe you should have better control of your child so he's not peeping at strange women in the dressing room."

If it had been me and MY child, I would have apologized profusely and made my kid stand with me so he would stop bothering strangers.

I hate parents who act like their obnoxious kids can do no wrong. Lady, your kid is a brat and may eventually become a pervert.

When I was little, my mom took me in the fitting room with her. I used to crawl under the fitting room door and look at the people in the next room. You can bet my mom didn't yell at them. I was the one who got in trouble for that.


hillsideslide said...

i do stuff like that all the time.

and, by that, i mean that i identify with YOU, not the kid peeking into dressing rooms!

Eljabo said...

Ha! I was hoping :)