Monday, June 28, 2010

Airbrush This, Baby!

I get a little disgusted by the freakishly skinny cover models on my magazines -- particularly when I know they've been airbrushed to high heaven. I'm talking to you Demi Moore. That is NOT the way your hip looks in real life! (Click here if you've never seen that photo - yikes!)

Now, I've noticed that the beloved fat chick novels from my childhood are getting a makeover. Check this one out:

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit (THEN)

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit (NOW)

I remember really identifying with the girl on the first cover. She was chubby, frumpy and clearly hated gym. Just like me!

The girl on the second cover is like a complete stranger. She has quirky glasses, a cool shiny hairdo and barely even has a fat roll. She probably has a boyfriend and friends.

How the heck are the chubby girls out there supposed to identify with her? She doesn't look like she has any socially awkward moments.

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