Tuesday, July 06, 2010

First Day of School

Well, I started my first day of work at my new job today. It was quite the adventure. First of all, I have to get to work 30 minutes earlier and I no longer live 5 minutes from the office. I need some good tunes!

The Perfect Outfit

I decided no one would ever tell me I dressed like crap again. I did some new job wardrobe updates. For my first day, I picked my favorite new item - a purple shirtdress. Unfortunately, the skirt of the dress has pleats. Pleats suck to iron and I'm a sucky ironer. I waited until this morning to iron it and was cursing up a storm while trying to get everything done.


I made it to orientation with one minute to spare. It was mostly uneventful except for the moment when I accidentally walked into the men's room by mistake. Luckily, I didn't see anything too traumatizing.

The Long Walk to Work

I headed to my office and decided to audition one of the parking garages that was a couple of blocks away. I was not a fan. I had to walk past all the scary bus people. Plus, it was sweltering hot outside so I was a sweaty mess when I finally got to the office. I decided that walk would NOT be OK when it's hot outside, cold outside or if I happened to be knocked up (which I'm not, at this point or at any point this year, actually.)

At the Office

My first morning was a little slow as I did not have my computer right away. Apparently, they still have me assigned to my old cost center from when I worked at the company 7 years ago. All of the technology requests went to the old cost center so nothing was approved. I'm eventually getting a laptop and a Blackberry (yikes - I don't want to be one of those women.)

I managed to find the bathroom and noticed giant sweat rings under my arms. The dark purple was not as concealing as I had hoped. I am a sweaty girl - I wish I glistened, but I don't. It's worse when I'm stressed or nervous. I'm going to have to buy that Secret Clinical for the wedding.

I like my boss - he's very nice. When I originally interviewed, I was supposed to be working for another manager. He looks exactly like Prince William so I'm glad I don't work for him. I would have ended up asking him about his intentions with Kate Middleton and would have probably been fired.

The Hug

At one point, a man came into my office and hugged me. I looked startled so he told me his name but then went on like we'd never been apart in the last 7 years. He said he was so excited when he found out I was joining the team and how he had been singing my praises for weeks and he was going to email me beforehand so we could gossip, but that he was worried that I wouldn't remember him. I chuckled at that - and still had no idea who he was. Then I figured it out. He used to be a reporter and I was one of his PR contacts so I'd help him with his stories all the time. I spent more time on the phone with him than in person, which is why I didn't recognize him.

For the most part, my first day was OK. I've never known less about a subject matter I'm supposed to be an expert in. I'm very nervous that I won't be able to do it. For the past 5 years, I've been treated like I don't have a brain cell in my head. You start to believe it after awhile. But, I have high hopes that my new work environment will set me straight.

The best part - I left work and drove 20 minutes to my home and ended up getting home earlier than I did when I worked 5 minutes away!

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