Friday, July 23, 2010

Off to a Good Start

I had a traumatic morning. I was running late, which seems to be par for the course these days. I've just started accepting that I'm going to be 5 minutes late to everything.

I had just driven out of my condo community when I realized that I forgot to put on my engagement ring. I turned around to fetch it. I like to look at it during the day - it's pretty.

After I parked my car, I hoofed it two blocks to my office building. In Columbus, it's a million degrees right now with 70% humidity. That meant that by the time I got to work, the hair I had so painstakingly straightened in the morning had turned into a giant puffball of frizz. Plus, I'm a sweaty girl, so I had beads of sweat on my forehead and upper lid. Fetching, right?

I got in the elevator and pressed the button for my floor. We were almost to the floor when the elevator made a loud clumping noise and stopped moving. The doors wouldn't open. You guessed it.

I was trapped in an elevator with three dudes in business suits.

Normally, that would be the opening scene for a low-budget porno. In my case, we chatted and tried to call the elevator peeps for help. They were delightful. They told us to wait by the elevator phone. (Was there a way to go somewhere else?) After letting us sit for a few minutes, they asked if we were still there. One of the guys said no and then hurried up to say yes in case they believed us.

Being trapped in an elevator is not nearly as adventurous as it looks in the movies. We didn't have to move the ceiling tiles and shimmy up the rope. We didn't have to decide who we were going to eat first if we didn't get rescued. In fact, I basically just stood there for 20 minutes.

Good times!

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