Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bride-to-be Freakout #5,492

Lately, I've been freaked out about the pastor who is doing the wedding ceremony. Mainly, I'm fretting that we will not have one.

When we booked the church, we booked the pastor as well. However, she recently announced that she's leaving the church. Her last day is August 3. August 9 is the day we are supposed to call her to start arranging our premarital counseling. (Which brings me to another freakout...can you FAIL your premarital counseling? I can't imagine that we will because Simon and I are pretty in sync about the big things. But, is it a possibility to fail?)

Their interim pastor is supposed to be in place September 1, so I'm assuming he'll do the wedding. But, what if he doesn't? A new co-worker was shocked that I was concerned about this. "Don't you have any minister friends?" OK - Simon and I don't belong to a church because we're heathens. I do have friends who are ministers, but I don't think they'd marry Simon and me precisely because we're heathens.

Hopefully, it will all work out.

I'm looking ahead at my August checklist. It says: Schedule gown fitting appointments. Your first appointment should be directly after you receive the gown, and the last appointment should fall no later than three weeks before the wedding.

What if my dress isn't even scheduled to arrive until three weeks before the wedding? I checked with the shop on Saturday. When I ordered the dress, the lady who placed the order said it should come in by Labor Day, although it technically wasn't supposed to arrive until mid-September. When I talked to the folks at the shop over the weekend, she said it definitely wouldn't arrive early -- all the dresses were running late because they were being made in China.

So no pastor, no dress. You don't really need those things for a wedding, do you?

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