Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This past week was crazy.

I finished up boot camp. On my final testing day, I did 4 more push-ups and ran a mile in 10 minutes and 20 seconds (32 seconds faster).

I feel good about getting stronger. I've also lost inches, so I no longer need Spanx for the majority of pants and skirts I own. I just feel guilty because I haven't lost more weight. I'm not good with deadlines for weight loss. I always get off track and struggle to get back on. I almost get panicky and start doing unrealistic drastic things like working out every single day or cutting out alcohol. Yeah right for both of those. I do better with an open-ended goal. I actually think I'll do better after the wedding. My schedule will be regular and I won't be so dang stressed out.

I had my bridal shower on Saturday. I find the bridal shower concept horribly embarrassing. It feels like you're asking people to buy you presents. I kept it pretty small - mostly family and people involved with the wedding.

It was a nice shower, however. We had a tea at Mozart's bakery. The food and tea was yummy. I managed to avoid embarrassing games like toilet paper veil and the newlywed game. I also got some lovely presents. My mom got me a KitchenAid mixer, which I've been coveting for many years. I can't wait to use it to make pizza, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cake -- all kinds of yumminess!

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