Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am Woman, See Me Run

All I can say is the Boot Camp I'm doing ROCKS. I don't know that I've lost much weight yet, but I'm wearing pants sans Spanx nowadays! That means I'm losing inches.

This is the last week of boot camp -- we'll see how the one mile run goes on Friday. I'm confident it'll be much better, mainly because I can run a mile without stopping now.

Yesterday, I ran for 20 minutes without stopping -- almost two miles. Today, I ran 5, walked 3, ran 8, walked 3, ran 5 without stopping.

I think it's my new mantra -- "You Can Rest When You're Done." The boot camp leader said it to us on Friday and it really resonated with me. It makes me realize that the torture is only temporary and a couch is waiting for me back home.

Weekend Update

My weekend was pretty lame. On Friday, we worked on wedding invitations (thank you for helping Vicki!). On Saturday, I volunteered at Pelotonia, went to Frankie's first birthday party and worked on wedding invitations. On Sunday, we bought blinds, worked on wedding invitations and I made posole.

The wedding is getting closer and closer. I now have a pastor but there's no sign of a dress. I also burst into tears a few times a week and imagine running away to an island where I don't have to ponder what color ribbon would look best on my cake.

Cat Update

Zoe is really itchy and scratches herself to the point of drawing blood. (Hmmm...wonder if she could be related to me by blood?) The vet thinks it's food allergies.

That means we have to do a food trial. I have to feed the kitties a special duck and green peas food for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, I'll try a normal food and see if they have any reaction.

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