Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happiness Is Fall TV

For me, the premiere of fall television shows is like the Super Bowl and Christmas all rolled into one. I wait for it all year long. Every year, I try to watch every single new show at least once. I hate the thought of missing the start of a good thing.

Now, watching every show takes some time, especially when one is getting married and heading to Hawaii in two weeks. And especially when one goes to bed at 9 p.m. However, I'm confident I can eventually do it over time.

Here's what I've watched so far:

  • Hellcats - Verdict = stinker. I'll confess, I did not watch the whole show. I planned to like it because it's supposedly a TV version of Bring It On, one of my favorite movies. However, the main character was rather unlikable. Simon actually thought I was watching 90210 because of the girl's curly hair. And once Ashley Tisdale made an appearance, I had to turn the TV off. Ashley Tisdale's new nose freaks me out.

  • Outlaw - Verdict = meh. I did not particularly care for this one. Jimmy Smits creeps me out, mainly because my mom has an inappropriate obsession with him. The show was OK - there just wasn't anything compelling about it that made me want to continue watching. Sadly, Simon liked it. Maybe he won't notice if it falls off our DVR.

  • Boardwalk Empire - Verdict = meh. I thought I would love all the costumes and good acting. I just found it kind of boring. It reminded me of being at Otterbein, where the Prohibition continued well into the 90s. Sadly, I'm stuck with this one until Simon gets bored with it, which means we'll watching it for awhile.

  • Nikita - Verdict = LOVE IT! It reminds me of Alias before they started adding in long-lost sisters and zombies. Nikita is disturbingly attractive and a complete bad-ass. It makes me want to starting beating up bad guys. This has already been awarded a permanent place on our DVR.

  • The Event - Verdict = still waiting to pass judgement. I think I liked it, but found the first episode to be so confusing, it's hard to say. The timeline was all jumbled. I spent most of the episode trying to figure out why the fiancĂ©e wasn't on the plane. Once I understood that, I wondered where she was. And then I wondered when the space aliens would be brought in. For now it's staying on my DVR, but if it doesn't get more understandable, it'll be axed.

  • Hawaii Five-0 - Verdict = awesome! I thought this show was so much fun. For starters, it has resident hottie Alex O'Loughlin. It also has Jin from Lost and Boomer from Battlestar Galactica. And it's set in beautiful Hawaii. It's like a nerd's fantasy come true. I thought it was fantastically fun. Simon wasn't as crazy about it, but if I have to watch Boardwalk Empire, he can watch this.

  • Raising Hope - Verdict = hilarious! I thought this show was so dang funny. It reminded me of growing up in West Virginia. And, the family was sweet and clueless at the same time. This one stays on the DVR.

  • Undercovers - Verdict = how can I not love this one? Oh J.J. Abrams, how I love thee. The leads are exceptionally attractive, the action is fast-paced and the writing is witty. I love that the couple is married. (I'm pro-marriage these days.) In fact, in my mind, I will imagine this show as Alias 2.0 -- what Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn's life would have been like after the Alias finale. If we could get Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams to collaborate on a tv show, my life would be complete!

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