Monday, September 27, 2010

My Frantic Saturday

On Saturday, I got my hair colored for the first time since February. I forgot how much better I like my hair when it's been colored. It's now a gorgeous reddish brown with coppery highlights. God bless my Joseph!

Afterward, I hit up Victoria's Secret for some honeymoon shopping. I pretty much hate shopping at Victoria's Secret. Love the product, hate the store. The sales girls are always ridiculously attractive and the store is always filled with 12-year-old girls buying that ridiculous PINK crap.

I have to say, however, shopping at Victoria's Secret is way better with a tan. I totally didn't mind trying on different clothing options, even if I'm not as skinny as I would like. I got a couple of fabulous items to wear on my honeymoon! (Thanks to a birthday gift certificate from Vicki, Angela and Herb)

After that, I hit up my wedding dress shop. My dress FINALLY came in and it's just as beautiful as I remembered. It fits perfectly - doesn't even need to be hemmed. The guy only needs to add sparkles to the train and set up the bustle. Final fitting is next Thursday - then I can take it to be pressed before the wedding. I still can't believe the wedding is two weeks away!

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