Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Know You're Tired When You....

fall asleep in the tanning bed!

I'm up to 13 minutes in my pre-wedding fake bake adventures. I'm looking a little more tan. But then, I'm pretty pale, so my tan is another person's albino.

Being in the bed is like being in a glowing, hot coffin. I always keep my eyes closed because I don't trust the goggles to keep my retinas from blowing up. Apparently, today I decided a glowing hot coffin was a good napping spot.

It's all fun and games until the bed shuts off. At that point, I muttered something about a blown fuse and sat up, cracking my head on the top of the bed.

Thank goodness no one else was there!

Simon was visiting friends out of town this past weekend so I didn't sleep very well. I kept imagining murderers climbing into our condo and somehow bypassing our alarm in order to stab me with a big sharp knife.

Also, I was pooped from running. I decided to just try out 4 miles in advance of this Friday's excursion. Let me end the suspense - I didn't run 4 miles. I ran 2 miles, felt light headed (it was really hot outside), so walked .25 miles. Ran .75 miles. Felt like I was going to die so I walked .25 miles. Ran .5 miles.

All in all, I ran 3.5 miles - just broken up a bit. I hope Friday is better - I think it'll be a little cooler since the race is at 6 p.m. And maybe my adrenaline will help.

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