Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eljabo Gets Hitched

After an afternoon of lava flows, mai tais and hula girls by the pool/beach, I am taking a break from turning into a lobster and thought this would be a great time to write about the wedding.

People say it's over in the blink of an eye - and it was. It was a blur of love and happiness and family and friends. It was truly a day to remember. I just wish I had more time to talk to people.

Here's what I'll remember the most:
  • Having flowers painted on my toenails the day before - and seeing the ringbearers and flower girls fascinated by said flowers
  • Feeling like I was going to cry during the rehearsal and wondering how I would make it through the ceremony
  • At the rehearsal - being told that kiss #1 was too chaste (by the pastor) and kiss #2 was too porno (by the matron of honor)
  • Tossing and turning the night before and chatting with my mom at 3 a.m. in our hotel room
  • Seeing all the moms, grandmothers, bridesmaids and me transformed by my hair dresser and makeup artist - we looked hot!
  • Having to pee 20 million times before the ceremony because I was so nervous
  • Pacing in the dressing room and having my bridesmaids fan my sweaty armpits with box tops
  • Having all my bridesmaids help get the dress over my head and waiting the 20 minutes it took to lace up
  • Seeing the flowers for the first time
  • Hearing the trumpet player for the first time - and learning it made my dad tear up because he remembered me playing the same song (Prayer to St. Gregory)
  • Watching the flower girls exclaim that waiting was BORING and they didn't like waiting
  • Watching my mom drag the flower girls back into the room - apparently they rebelled, grabbed their baskets and started down the aisle - luckily my mom caught them before they got too far
  • Waiting in the back of the church as the grandmothers, mothers, bridesmaids, ring bearers and flower girls walked down the aisle
  • Seeing my dad CRY as he walked me down the aisle
  • Seeing all my family and friends standing up, crying, smiling as my father and I walked down the aisle
  • Seeing Simon at the end, waiting for me like my prize
  • Listening to the trumpeter play Prelude to Te Deum
  • Hearing Herb, Angela and Nate say our scripture and non-scripture selections in their booming voices
  • Watching Simon choke up as he said his vows - and having to look away so I didn't cry as well ('cause that's not pretty)
  • Exiting the church as husband and wife - to a sea of bubbles
  • Driving around the block together in a limo

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eljabomo said...

It was really a wonderful day. You looked beautiful and Simon looked so handsome. It was such a wonderful atmosphere.You could feel all of the love and support from your families and friends...Glad you are enjoying your time in Hawaii.........