Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drama - It's All About the Drama!

If my life were a sitcom, I would find it thoroughly entertaining. At the time that it's happening to me, I find it less entertaining.

Recent events:

  • Zoe: My husband noticed our cat, Zoe, limping. His first question -- "Did you step on her?" Flattering, right? I called the emergency vet to see if I should bring her in. I don't really know what constitutes a cat emergency, but limping didn't seem good. Their response: "Well, it's really up to you. You can either bring her in or call your regular vet in the morning." Thanks, I'll use my vast veterinary knowledge to make that decision.

    I waited until morning. The verdict: a dislocated knee. My poor pumpkin had dislocated her knee -- probably from jumping -- and was hobbling around like that. The vet said she had actually never felt a dislocated knee on a cat because they usually are so terrible during exams. Zoe mewed pathetically, but allowed the vet to put her knee back in place and she got a couple of shots. My mom suggested that I keep her from jumping, which is definitely a smart idea. However, have you ever tried to keep a cat from doing anything? Even the vet said it's hard to make cats rest.

    Poor Zoe still acting a little off so she went back to the vet yesterday for another shot. I think this one might have done the trick. She pounced on a toy a few minutes ago!

  • White Wine Vinegar: Yesterday morning, I was grabbing something off my kitchen counter and managed to drop a bottle of white wine vinegar on the floor. It shattered into a million pieces, leaving my kitchen to smell like Easter eggs. It made my morning. Plus, white wine vinegar is NOT cheap and the bottle was almost full.

  • The Bridal Shower: My cousin is getting married and his fiancĂ©e invited me to her shower in Wooster. I'm not a huge fan of showers, but since I prefer not being a social outcast, I go to them. On Saturday, I rushed around getting ready and drove 90 minutes to Wooster for the shower. I couldn't find the exact location, so I called my mom to see where it was. Here's how the conversation went:

    Me: "Where are you?"
    Mom: "In my car."
    Me: "Where the heck is this place? I'm driving around some lake."
    Mom: "What are you talking about?"
    Me: "The shower. I can't find that Chalet place."
    Mom: "What are you talking about? The shower is tomorrow."
    Me: "Tomorrow? I thought it was today."
    Mom: "It's tomorrow."
    Me: "Shit." I look down at the invitation where it clearly says "Sunday, May 22." In fact, I even knew the day was May 22 -- I just thought that Saturday was May 22.
    Mom: Laughter -- guffaws of laughter
So I turned around and drove 90 minutes home. And now, I'm getting ready to do it again. Groundhog's Day -- my life has turned into Groundhog's Day!

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Casey said...

"Did you step on her?" lol.

I also enjoyed the "guffaws of laughter." (just because I could just hear her.)

Your new background is super cute too :).