Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up...and Down...

Simon and I went to see the last Harry Potter movie again on Saturday in IMAX and 3-D. This particular theater has a full bar, so I thought I needed a cocktail to put me in the perfect Potter mood.

When I ordered the drink, the bartender asked to see my ID. I was so excited. I've been feeling fat, frumpy, boring and old lately and this was proof that I've still got it.

Then I looked up and saw a sign. It said something along the lines of, 'Under 99? You have to show ID.' Yep, I wasn't carded because I'm still youthful. I was carded because I'm under 99. And just like that, my excitement faded.

Except, the 3-D Harry Potter was spectacular and cheered me up immensely.

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