Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How Did This Happen?

I have to admit, I've gotten fat.  It's very embarrassing to me and I feel like a giant disappointment to pretty much everyone I've ever met in my entire life.   I obviously need to do something, so I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers.  It's the only thing I've had a proven success with -- as long as I stick to the program.

Finding the Right Fit

The only problem was choosing the right meeting.  I'm very picky about my Weight Watchers meetings.  I've gone to the Powell meeting -- I love the leader, but it's a little bit of a drive. Plus, he frequently has an annoying girl substitute for him.  She used to be a member of our group and she never ever shut up as a member.  She had to comment all the time on EVERYTHING:  "I bring an exercise video to work and exercise in the conference room at lunch."  Who does that?

I also tried the meeting across the street from my condo.  The Weight Watchers instructor went on and on about how she's never ever craved sweets once.  That made me want to punch her in the face and there's no way I can relate to someone like that.

After weighing all my options (weighing - tee hee!), I decided to go to the Polaris meetings.  I've been to them before and I really like the instructor.  Plus it's a really big group and has a fantastic energy.

Oh Crap

I showed up at 8 a.m. to weigh in.  I immediately spotted the annoying girl - crap - she's subbing here today!   Still, her being there isn't going to make me less fat.  I stepped on the scales and wanted to close my eyes in horror at the number.  But, it's the last time I have to be that number again.  Hopefully.  Unless I get knocked up.  In which case, I will probably be more than that number.

I settle in for the class, which seemed unusually small.  However, it was the first Buckeye game of the season.  As the annoying girl begins to talk, it dawns on me that she isn't subbing - she's the actual leader for the meeting.  And her style is to run her meetings like a classroom - the whole time is spent lecturing, with little interaction.

Today, she was talking about the importance of shopping the perimeter in  the grocery store.  On the first Sunday of every month, she allows herself the luxury of walking up and down every grocery aisle at the store.  She carries a small basket with her and her points calculator and a sharpie marker and she writes the points value on every  food item she purchases. She does her weekly shopping with a BASKET and has a $30 a week food budget.  Ugh.

Now I'm in a pickle. I need to go to Weight Watchers meetings, but this girl is so annoying I'm going to end up punching her in the face.  I think I should find a new meeting place.  I think there's one in Westerville that isn't too far away.  I can go there on Wednesday nights or some other time on Saturdays.  I'll keep you posted!

I did a couple of good things yesterday:

  • I walked 3.8 miles in Sharon Woods.
  • I made a fabulously healthy dinner from the SkinnyTaste website.  It was healthy, delicious and only 4 points!  Simon loved it too - I served it with fresh green beans and zucchini/potato pancakes   Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini and Mozzarella


Jessica said...

omg Laurie I remembered u had a blog and this is the funniest stuff ever! You shoujld write a book. By the way you are not fat! But i do now want to go to these meetings with you to make fun of these people!

Eljabo said...

Ha! I know when one of the ladies said she needed to go up and down all the aisles at the grocery store because it was a "comfort" to her, I wanted to run screaming out of the room.