Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I Will Be A Terrible Mother Someday

Today, I decided to bake cookies for Simon and me to take to work.  I was pretty limited on time so I went with the simplest recipes I could find.  I've learned that I got no skills when it comes to baking.

Someday, when I'm supposed to bring homemade cookies or cupcakes to a classroom party, I will be forced to go to a bakery and purchase instead of putting my own homemade spin on things.  Too bad elementary schools don't have soup parties. I make a mean soup!

Here is what happens when I bake:

Cookie #1:  Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods  -- You can't get much simpler than dipping pretzels in chocolate and covering them in sprinkles.  Yet, somehow I messed these up.

My attempt

Professional rods

Cookie #2:  Peppermint Brownie Bars -- Another easy recipe - refrigerated peppermint sugar cookie mix on the bottom, topped with boxed brownie mix.  Yet, somehow, mine look like crap.

The professional brownies
My attempt 

Cookie #3:  Reindeer Cookies  -- These were so cute - and they looked so easy!  I used refrigerated cookie dough.  However, those chocolate covered pretzel antlers are NOT a good idea.  They kept melting and sliding all over the place.  Seriously, my reindeer cookies look like they've been infected by zombies.

The professional reindeer cookies
My zombie reindeer

Cookie #4:  Melted Snowman Cookies -- These cookies  were ADORABLE and I was so excited to try to make them.  Boxed sugar cookies, cookie icing, marshmallows - how could this go wrong?  As you can see, it DID go wrong.

The professional
My sad little snowpeople


Christina in Seattle said...

This is exactly how all my holiday baking has turned out this year. So frustrating, but at least now I know I'm not the only one. Hopefully everythIng tasted good!

shannon said...

I think they all look good and gave me some fun ideas. I love the snowmen cookies they are cute - your version looked great! You get an A+ in my book sister!

Eljabo said...

Christina - ha! That makes me feel much better.

Shannon- you have to admit...the reindeer zombie cookies are pretty darn bad!

shannon said...

reindeer zombies look like they were made in my house so i can't tell you they are horrible. I would offend to drama hormone princess girls.

They were all made with love and I know you will be an Awesome mama some day! My kids love you!!