Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Embarrassing Moment of the Week

On Saturday, I went to my second Weight Watchers meeting.  (Last week was my first week back on the program - and I lost two pounds.  Go me!)

We were packed in the room like sardines.  When it was time to leave, I stood and put on my coat.  I put on coats like a five-year-old, so both of my arms were stuck in the sleeves behind my back and I was trying to shimmy the whole thing onto my person.

Without thinking about it, I coughed.  It wasn't an "I've got a cold cough" - it was more of an "I need to clear my throat" cough.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cover my mouth because both of my arms were stuck in my sleeves.  Even more unfortunately, I was facing the woman seated to my left.

You should have seen the expression on her face.  It was a mixture of horror and disgust.  She leaned so far away from me, she was practically doing a back-bend.  I felt terrible.  I muttered an apology and ran out of the room as fast as I could.  I'm a little afraid of running into her at the next meeting.

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