Friday, July 20, 2012

Foodie Friday: What's shaking in my kitchen

One thing I've missed doing is my big round-up of everything I've cooked each month.  Mainly because I can never remember if I've made something and this blog is proof.

The problem with the monthly round-up is I always forget what I cooked.  And it's a pain to put together.  So I've decided to do a weekly round-up every Friday.  It's a way for me share what I've cooked with the 2 people who read this blog and it keeps a record for me.

Last Week's Hits and Misses:


  • Baked Ranch Fish (I got this recipe from a random WW message board but found a blogger who tried the same thing):  This was a really easy way to make fish and it tasted pretty good too!  I liked the ranch dressing coating and the onion topping added crunch.  (6 WWP+)


  • Baked Texas Toothpicks (Aimee's Adventures):  I've been holding on to this recipe for years and finally got around to making it.  It was basically a super easy way to make oven-baked onion rings. Very spicy, though.  (4 WWP+)

Just OK

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