Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Reading Wednesday: Faceless Killers

I  have been going through gloomy, Swedish mystery withdrawal, so I picked up Faceless Killers  by Henning Mankell. It's the first in the Kurt Wallander series.  I'm on page 178 of 280.

I love Swedish mysteries. They always take place in dreary towns with dreary weather.  The main investigator is always a tortured soul battling inner demons.  It's mood-setting at its finest.

The Plot

An elderly farmer is murdered and his wife is left to die on an isolated farm in the Swedish countryside.  The main investigator, Kurt Wallender, is left to find out why.  Plus, he's dealing with a new divorce, a turbulent relationship with his daughter and a senile father.  He's brilliant at uncovering clues about the farmer's secret life. However, he's a complete wreck at dealing with his personal issues.'

The Verdict

I'm loving this one - it's a short easy read.  It has sucked me in - I feel like I'm transported to a dreary, small Swedish village when I read it.  And, I'm dying to know whodunnit!

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