Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Reading Wednesday: The Selection

I picked up The Selection by Kiera Cass because The CW is planning a new television show this based on this book.  Plus, it has a fabulous cover. I'm on page 300 of 336. 

The Plot

In a future version of the United States, people are in castes and it dictates what they can do in life.  For example, Sixes are servants and Fives are artists. The heroine, America Singer (yeah, stupid name), is a Five and she's in love with Aspen (another stupid name), who is a Six.  However, the country's prince, Prince Maxon, is looking for a wife.  The country's tradition is to invite 32 women to live in the castle and compete for his affections, a la The Bachelor.  Of course, America is selected and drama ensues.

The Verdict

This book has gotten some pretty shaky reviews from other readers, but I think I like it.  It's just a fun beachy, read and I'm a sucker for a good makeover story.  And although I hate The Bachelor, I like the book version.  I'm dying to see how they make a television show out of this.  It's not exactly the longest book I've ever read.

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