Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I'm Reading Wednesday: The Story of Beautiful Girl

You'll be pleased to know that I've picked up an adult book to read.  I was captivated by the cover of Rachel Simon's 'The Story of Beautiful Girl'  so I grabbed it.   I'm on page 250 of 352

The Plot

The plot's a little convoluted  It's the 1960s.  A young developmentally challenged woman and a deaf African-American man escape from a state institution.  They show up at a widow's farm with a brand-new baby (not the man's.)  When the woman is captured by the institution authorities, she asks the woman to hide the baby.  

The story is told from four different viewpoints -- the woman, the man, the widow and an employee at the institution
The Verdict

So far so good -- I wasn't sure about this mix of characters, but the story sucks you in from the very first pages.  Lynnie (the young woman) has a refreshing voice.  It's fascinating to see the story unfold over the years.

At times, it's a little heavy-handed.  The author seems a bit preachy.  But all in all, I recommend.  (Unless the last bit of it massively sucks.)

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