Friday, August 24, 2012

What's Shakin' Bacon

I've had the week off, so I actually have done a fair amount of cooking this week.  It's been really fun breaking out my pots and pans!  I'm in the middle of organizing my recipe files, so I found all sorts of recipes to try.  

Here's what I've been making:
  • Cream Cheese Potato Soup -- I found this during my recipe reorganization and it had me at cream cheese and potato.  This soup is absolutely delicious.  I've eaten it every day this week.
  • Better Than Sex Cake -- I'm not sure how accurate the title is, but the cake is pretty tasty.  And, it's not all that bad for you.
  • Deviled Cauliflower -- This was a really great way to cook cauliflower.  The mustard-parmesan mix had a lot of flavor, but the calorie count was pretty good too.
  • Cheesy Tex-Mex Rice -- This was really good.  I added soy chorizo, which gave it some kick and made it more of a main dish. My husband had thirds.
  • Homemade Calzone -- I found this on Pinterest.  I used pineapple, turkey pepperoni and jalapeno as the filling.  It was really difficult to put together, though.  I couldn't grasp the braiding technique at all.   It was one of those recipes that tasted good, but looked like a giant pile of crap on a pan. Crappy appearance aside, my husband practically ate the whole thing.
  • French-Style Chicken with Apples -- I need to accept that I do not enjoy chicken breasts that look like chicken breasts.  I like my chicken shredded, diced, or breaded.  And I'm not really a fan of cooked apple slices.  It tasted OK, but it's not something I ever need to make again.

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