Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do They Make Pilates for Super Dummies?

I just did a Pilates for Dummies workout video. I thought it would be an easy introduction that would lead me to becoming a world-renowned pilates guru in about a week's time. I thought wrong. Pilates is hard! My "powerhouse" is wiggling all over the place; my legs can't straighten worth crap. In fact, I would be a great example of how not to do pilates.

Car Trauma
I have to take my car in to get an oil change tomorrow. I hate having anything done to my car because I'm the most clueless automobile owner ever. They could tell me the rocket booster isn't working on my car and I need to have it replaced. I'd probably nod, smile and hand over my credit card.

I'm afraid they'll bring out some dirty car part - like a filter or something - and say it needs to be replaced. Personally, I think the entire engine looks dirty - there isn't a single part of it that I'd touch with my bare hands. I can't tell normal dirt from "if you don't replace that thing right now, your entire car is going to fall apart" dirt.

I wish I could get a temporary sex change right before I go to the mechanic's - I'm convinced it would go more smoothly. (Is it still dressing in drag if you're a woman dressing like a man?)

Kitchen Adventures
I've decided that I need to learn how to cook more things than toast, cereal, sandwiches, spaghetti, chili and frozen dinners. I have a cookbook - actually I have several, but I always forget to use them.

My new cookbook is the Rachael Ray cookbook with 365 recipes - I'm going to make all of them. It might take me 5 years, but I'll make all of them. (Except the one with calamari. I like to eat calamari, but I don't want to have to cook it myself.)

My first attempt was recipe #1 - the Scramblewiches. Granted a scrambled egg sandwich is not all that different from my normal repertoire, but still, I feel like I've accomplished something. It was actually pretty good. It won't be served at a 5 star restaurant anytime soon. But for a filling, quick-and-easy recipe - it was great!

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