Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hip Beats and Snaky Arms

I'm so excited! I bought my very first bellydancing costume tonight and my teacher said if I wanted to, I could perform with a group on June 3. I love my costume- it's all silver and black and sparkly. In fact, I love it so much I may wear it all the time. Scrubbing toilets - why not wear my silver tasseled bra? Mopping floors - time flies when you're wearing a long sequined skirt. Vacuuming - I can tie my veil to the vacuum and dance around. Actually I should do housework in some of my old bridesmaid dresses. I might as well get some use out of them.

The best part of my costume is the silver sequined tasseled bra. It makes me feel like Wonder Woman - a nearly naked Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman, nonetheless. I'm not sure why it makes me feel like Wonder Woman - the colors are all wrong - but I'm going with it. (You know, if they made underoos for adults, I would definitely wear them. I really miss the Wonder Woman underoos I had as a 5 year old.)

I'm a little nervous about wearing the costume in public - probably because it's basically a bra and skirt. My big fear is that I'll have a Janet Jackson moment on stage. Yikes - that would be scary.

I love my bellydancing lessons. I was the klutz supreme growing up - actually, I still am. When I took gymnastics, I never got past somersaults. In junior high, I got a D on my cartwheel and I tripped during my high school graduation, falling into the superintendent's arms. What's great about bellydancing is that everyone can do it - no matter what size you are and no matter how klutzy you are. It looks different on everyone's body so there's no wrong way. (And I might as well get some use out of these childbearing hips since they're not being used for childbearing!)

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