Sunday, April 30, 2006

Long Live Alias ... at Least for the Rest of This Month!

I've forgotten how much I love the show Alias. In fact, it reminds me of dating. Sometimes your boyfriend's the greatest person alive and you adore him, sometimes you wonder what kind of crack he's smoking to be doing the crazy thing he's doing and sometimes you wish he'd just go away forever. This season, I've had more "go away forever" moments than the other ones (yet one more way Ben Affleck has ruined my life!).

However, I watched the 2-hour season return and it was fabulous.

The Return of Old Friends: Spy Grandparents Return

Lots of Spy Daddy and the return of Spy Mommy (now Spy Grandpa and Spy Grandma). It looks like Robot Francie might make a return appearance along with the wonderful and beautiful Michael Vaughn (why does Sydney always refer to him by his last name? It's weird.) I'm so excited! And I love evil Amy Acker - it reminds me of when she was an evil goddess the last season of Angel.

The first two seasons of Alias were AMAZING. It became a little derailed in season 3 with evil Lauren and a dreadfully dark Vaughn and last year's mandate of "create more stand alone episodes" ruined it. I think (and hope) that J.J.'s paying more attention to the swan song.

I think there could be a spinoff of Marshall, Sloan and Spy Daddy. That would be the best show ever, 'cause that is one hilarious trio.

If I Were a Lesbian: Otherwise Known as Why Lena Olin Rocks

And if I were ever inclined to become a lesbian (doubtful, 'cause I like men lots and I can barely deal with my own PMS), Lena Olin would be the woman to convert me. She's gorgeous and was so sassy when at gunpoint, she purrs, "It's in my bra."

Yet Another Kitchen Disaster: Maybe Eduardo Was Right To Make Fun

I tried recipe #4 Mac and Cheddar with Broccoli from Rachael Ray's 365 recipes. Blech - it was gray runny crap that ruined perfectly good macaroni and broccoli. Give me Velveeta any day. I think it maybe my fault - maybe I screwed something up halving the recipe and making it a little lower in fat. And again, the taste wasn't dreadful - it just wasn't very cheesy. I added a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and it made it a little more cheesy and bearable. So maybe Eddie boy's right to make fun of me!

Although, the Broccoli with Garlic Sauce from Weight Watchers' Take Out Tonight (with actual garlic was delicious. Definitely a keeper - I bet it'd be really good with asparagus or green beans too.

Ducklings and Renegade Snorer Are Making Me QUACKERS!

The ducklings in my backyard might become duck soup if they don't stop quacking in the morning. Just kidding, I'm in love with them. However, I've noticed that I can hear the person in the apartment below mine SNORING when I'm trying to sleep at night. How sucky would it be to share a bed with that person? I'm not sure if it's a guy or girl - I've never seen them - but they would definitely benefit from some nasal strips.

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Jen said...

I don't watch Alias and can't comment on that. HOWEVER, I would like to try your Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce recipe so please pass that baby on. Hey - why don't you take a photo of the duckies & post it on the site so we can all see how cute they are? :-)