Monday, April 24, 2006

Margaritas make magic happen

Margaritas are great - with the ice and the salt and the tequila! Yum. And why is queso dip so damn good?!? (And why do I eat so much of it when I'm drinking margaritas?)

I went out with some friends after work today - thankfully, I left before I was tempted to jump on the bar and take my top off. (tequila gets me every time!)

It blew my diet (excuse me, lifestyle change) into a million pieces - but I'm feeling much more relaxed now. And less likely to start shrieking at people at the top of my lungs.

I should go work out - I have my hula video to do - eh, I'd rather sit on my arse on the couch and watch the episode of 24 I've DVRd.

Oh - for those of you who are interested (and since I don't think even my mom reads my blog, that leaves a whopping me, myself and I along with any future unborn children of mine), I watched An Unfinished Life with J.Lo and Robert Redford. It wasn't bad. I kind of liked it. It was worth the rental (unlike Kicking & Screaming which gets my vote for worst movie ever.)

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