Monday, April 10, 2006

So I'm Talking to My Pregnant Friend Amy...

...and I'm rambling on about a bunch of really stupid crap. Anyway, I ask her what she's doing and she says "Oh, I'm timing out my contractions."

She was timing out her contractions
while she was talking to me!

Apparently this is not something that women who are 9 months pregnant find alarming. (I was all set to run over to her house and start boiling water and ripping up sheets, but that's just me.)

I just can't imagine being so calm - although maybe contractions are not as alarming as all the other horrors that happen to your pregnant body. I guess that she had contractions all last night and all day today (yikes - note to self, don't get pregnant!), but she doesn't think that the baby's coming tonight. We shall see. By this time tomorrow, I may be an unofficial auntie!

Speaking of babies...have you ever thought someone should be assigned veto power over celebrity baby names? Gwyneth, what were you thinking? Moses ?!? That is quite a mouthful for a tiny tot - and what kind of expectations will the poor kid have to live up to? He's probably not going to have the same level of accomplishments!

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