Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Apparently 'Narnia' and 'Mr. Tumnus' are Bad Words!

I just got bleeped on my American Idol blog on the Idol website! (you can search under eljabo, if you're so inclined.) I was mentioning again, Elliott Yamin's uncanny resemblance to Mr. Tumnus, the faun from Narnia. Both Narnia and Mr. Tumnus got bleeped!

That's probably the closest thing to classic children's literature many people on that board will ever get. (I've never seen such atrocious spelling in my life - and the number of people who think that 24 pt, bolded, underlined, hot pink font is easy to read amazes me!)

Here are the pictures. Am I not right about Mr. Tumnus? They're twins! And I mean that in a very flattering way. I love Mr. Tumnus and Elliott gets more handsome every day!

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