Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just saw a gross creepy bug

It was outside, thank goodness, or I'd be sleeping in my car. It looked like a nasty, disgusting beetle. It probably crawled up from the swamp out back. There's a crack under my front door (I live in an apartment, so I'm not sure how "fixable" it is.) So now I'm petrified that it's going to come in here. I would throw up. I stuffed newspapers under the door, hopefully that'll keep it out.

Soul Patrol
My boy Taylor won American Idol. I am so happy that after 5 seasons, my favorite actually won!

Can't wait to go to the concert. I'm going to get my mom and me Soul Patrol T-Shirts so we can be complete and utter losers.

All I can say is:
  • What happened to Clay Aiken's hair? (see right)

  • Why was Prince on the show?

  • Why on earth was David Hasselhoff crying?!?

America's Next Top Model - 2nd Favorite

My 2nd favorite Top Model won. My absolutely favorite as Brooke, but the poor thing didn't do so hot so Danielle filled in the gap. I was so relieved that Evil Jade didn't win. She scared the crap out of me. I'd be afraid to shut my eyes around her.

I'm so sleepy and I'm feeling fat and frumpy today. I think it might be bedtime!


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